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Our Book is Now Available

Our book, published by Chelsea Green Publishing Company, is now available.

Topbar Hives

If you would like me to email you a hive design PDF so that you can build a topbar hive yourself, please fill out the short form to the right.  

If you'd rather not mess around with a table saw and would like to purchase a topbar hive, John Denne makes beautiful finished hives according to our design.  Below are pictures and prices as well as his contact information.

This is the basic hive unit.  It comes with a dozen topbars with built-in cleats, a bar with a divider, several spacers of varying widths, and eighteen topbars without cleats.  All the topbars are sanded.  The hive, if fully built, is joined with a nail gun and wood glue.  If you'd like a disassembled hive sent to you as a kit, the hive will come with screws and pre-drilled holes for easy assembly.

This is the basic unit with a fitted lid.  The lid holds the topbars into place for potential transport.

If you'd like a piece of rigid insulation adhered to the inside of the lid, it is an additional cost.  

Below are some additional pictures of the hive:

John Denne can be reached at:

575-587-0384 or