For the Love of Bees

Beekeeping as a Hobby

Beekeeping is undoubtedly gaining popularity as a worthwhile hobby, but it will require patience and knowledge. And, of course, the possibility of being stung is a real danger. However, in this blog, responsible beekeepers will learn how to take all of the necessary precautions. Readers will learn about the different castes of bees, which are the queen, worker bees and drones, and their roles in the colony. Setting up a hive is covered in-depth, with individual advice according to climate. The necessary equipment is discussed in fascinating articles, with useful hints and tips, especially for beginners to beekeeping.

The Queen; How a Bee Becomes One

6 May 2021

Apis mellifera is the scientific name of a queen bee. In every hive, there's always a queen. She can lay thousands of eggs per day and has a lifespan of up to five years. Suppose she dies, the colony chooses a new queen from larvae in royal jelly.

The Importance of a Bee Brush

13 Mar 2021

If you're a beginner in beekeeping, the idea of using a bee brush seems silly. However, it's actually an effective way of moving bees around the hive. Notably, you can use a bee brush to remove bees from frames. You can also use it to herd them in a container.